Waiting Heart Touching Love Poems

Waiting Heart Touching Love Poems - The following is a poem waiting lover lovers tale story line has undergone both love story and at one point his girlfriend go that has promised to return to menjalini more serious relationship is kejenjang wedding, and then abandoned menanti- later the return of her lover, so the more curious is not it? Let us refer directly yuk rest of the story follows below: Waiting Poetry Lover Poetry Penantian the Beloved When you're not there and you're not here I am imprisoned in a quiet and just savored alone It's countless time to forget But I never could ... and could never forget you tuk ... Let's longing heart be wound from penantianmu And let deserted reply me through the dark of night ..... although heart was tortured with all of this ... Under a full moon When the goddess reigns night I swore the oath of allegiance For waiting for forever .. But ... Maybe it's my destiny Born to love you Although I can not have you .. But I was trying to stay afloat,,, Although anticipation is so excruciating heart,,, I carved an expectation right,,, Although I know there can be no assurance,,, The Lord .... I simpuhkan smile And tears you .... I aksarakan heart cries With my prayers verses to you Sovereign, when incarnate in fact been immersed The soul fragment Ijhinkanlah Mendawaikan love in takbiranMU As a consolation sadness heart Until the end of time later in fact Incarnated in a dream And my reality .......... Could not incarnate nyatamu Can I went up again though Only in the garden of dreams? Could not bias your love Can I see-through again? Though only for a See Keanggunanmu .... Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder
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